23 July 2012

Microsoft faces first loss in past 26 years on the market

One of the most famous and tech giant company  is Microsoft .It was one the expected thing by many of the soft engineers around the globe that someday Microsoft had to lift partially a flag of loss,And this happened in 2012.This is because of acquisition of 6.19 billion dollar company  aQuantive on 2007 ,Microsoft  knew this and was well prepared for it.Any how going bit loss after 27 years on market is a rare case happened  .

A total loss in a quarter is about 492 million  dollars ,Still, it wasn’t all bad because their earnings have increased about 18.2 billion through other sales in the market .Totally we can say 12.8% decline of revenue in the 4th quarter and about roughly 3% decline of revenue for the full year.Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had talked about this and he is going to take action on this .

Microsoft  is going to release window phone 8 and office 15 to equalize their loss with the profit .We hope Microsoft will stand back still better than before in the coming days by its release of good products in the market.Have any queries ?Comments please .Thanks Have a nice day.

09 May 2012

5 Tips to become a great Social Media Expert

Hi,Social Media is a most used and a well known website in internet.Most of the people start their business  and make profit from it.Talking at the another angle it is a good and useful thing for people to develop their own friendship ring or relationship chain . In order to become a great social Media expert like Joel comm,you have to be manage so many things without turning anything upside down, There are so many golden keys for a single door to you to become a most wanted person in Social Web.Here are some tips 
Social Media Expert
  • Active dedication in famous Social websites like Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus and Linked in. 
   You may not have time or patience to be online for many hours .So better thing is set a time for twitter or Facebook and follow that time table every day and make use of your given time effectively.Don’t waste time in places where you don’t belong.Why I am stressing on gap by gap using of Social Media websites is, You ll get interesting news and ideas around you to share.   
  • Do the right required thing on Social Media website .
 Don't just sit and go on chating with your well known friends or by playing  farm ville on Facebook, instead try to help and support the people  who you don't know actually.This increases your world wide popularity.Stick with your own kind to concentrate your efforts rather than watering them down.Upload your profile photo with your face in that so that they can recognize at any place or any were in the web or image search.
  • Share the most and well known ideas of yours .
Sharing on Social Media websites will help you to increase your Twitter followers and Google circles .No matter what happens don't stop sharing your things since sharing expresses about you and around you.Sharing also increases your profile visitors.
  •  Complete your Social Media website profile.
If didn't completed your profile start filling now.By doing this you can digest thousands of traffic from search engine to you.Search engine will directly link your profile on search page So better write in 2 sentences and later express about you fully  in about you tab in your profile which favors to know about you in searches also .
  • Get them a good entertainment.
People always need to be entertained so if you can build your business into a fun app they can download onto their smartphone, you’ve done something most businesses attempt at unsuccessfully,captured their undivided attention for several minutes a day.
By this you'll be a great Social Media Expert like Joel Comm.Making a profit from this is easy ,just approach right person who are in need of some new things in web and sell your eBook on what they are looking for ,this will put you a hand full of cash.Thanks.

27 April 2012

Is Social Media Websites are growing from Sport Stars ?

Hi,Its been while posting here,Today let me tell you how Social Media websites have tremendous Impact on the Sports.Social Websites like Twitter,Facebook and others are growing because of famous Sports guys today.
So many fans,players and teams are already in the social media websites which gives a ever green staying visitors to social media websites. Most of the sports fans will be online while they are watching match on TV and Tweeting their experiences on Twitter or on buzz.The players will be in great touch with the social media websites so that the their fans get face to face contact with them.
Soccer a game with billions of fans.Kaka ,Ronalda,David Beckham and other great football players have their fans in online which are nearly touching the sky.It is been found that more than 40% of the Social Media users are online because of film stars,sport  players and Entertainment guys.Twitter a breath taking tweeting website got so many sign ups in a month because of Fifa world cup and IPL cricket match.So every social media websites today are almost at the top of the mountain and are smoking at the sky ,the final question is will they retain for ever?.
Thanks hope you've enjoyed the article please do comment if any queries about the article.Have a nice day.

02 April 2012

Tricks to get breadcrumbs to your Website

Hi,every website in this web are trying their to look good in Google search results ,What makes you to look good?Is It sitelinks or search box in search ? The answer is simple both .But what about breadcrumbs ,have you heard it before? OK breadcrumbs are the structured represent of your webpage in search results,It is really helpful for searchengines to crawl and navigate your website.check out the video below ,you'll get an idea to implement and use them.
breadcrumbs looks like this

I hope you have got something about Breadcrumbs in my post ,And also please do comment if you have any questions in this post,thanks have a nice day.

19 March 2012

Why your Twitter followers not follow you back when you follow them

Hi,Twitter is one of the good social media website which is often called as "SMS OF WEB" .Whenever you follow someone on twitter ,you will be hoping that they'll follow you back.But that isn't sometime work with you ,why ?
OK ,you may find this as the main reason for your followers to follow you back-
  • You don't have a good Bio about you-Make sure there is 160 characters available to write about yourself you have to express every good things about you  in the available space to get followers back following you.
  • You Tweet little on twitter-Whenever you have free time to express good things around you ,Make a Tweet in twitter.
  • No profile photo ?-You should have a good profile photo to have relevant identity about you.
  • Your new to Twitter-Once you signed up for twitter  do all required things and start following to get followers back following you.
  • Your tweets are protected- Twitter asks you whether your Tweets are public or private ?If you have chosen private your tweets will be visible to those whose follow requests you have accepted.So better make your tweets public to get good opinion about you.
Well this may seems interesting to you,and Please do comment if you have any questions,Thanks have a nice day.

12 March 2012

How to Attract visitors from the Facebook Fan page to your website

Hi, There are so many ways to drive traffic to your website and 1 of the simple and easiest way to get traffic is by Facebook fan page.what makes you to think Facebook fan page instead of other social media websites,the answer is the Facebook has more than 800 million registered users  and nearly 500 million online users which is and ideal website to drive traffic to your website.How you must interact with your Facebook fans ?How to keep your visitors or fans in your own website garden?

OK ,here are the answers for your questions:
  • Update your Facebook fan page regularly so that your website fans will have positive feeling about you.
  • Fulfill the dreams of  your visitors by answering their comments or questions.
  •  Having Facebook like button is useful thing to you to get more fans to your websites
  • Encourage your Fans by helping or supporting their thoughts.
  • Give them best opportunity and knowledge from your website by regularly  posting or updating your website.
  • Don't be money minded in front of your Fans or visitors by placing too many Ads in your website.
  • Try to make first visitor time visitor a regular visitor to your website.
The other social media too brings you lots of visitors and fans to your website.So start bringing traffic and try to enjoy with your fans.Please do comments if you have any questions regarding this post.Thanks Have a nice day .